The size

The size

Depending on the size of the tattoo, the number of sessions will vary. The bigger the tattoo is, the longer it will take to remove it. As the process will take place by removing the ink from the shorter portion of your body so as not to strain that area.

The ink

The ink

The ink that has been used to create the design also decides how many sessions you will need to completely get rid of it. Most of the time, clients tend to think that tattoo inks are regulated, but it is far from the truth.

The duration

The duration

Older tattoos fade out easily. The longer it has been, the easier it will be to get it removed. However, we do not mean 6 months. Generally, you will have to invest at least 4-5 years to call a tattoo an old one.

But worry not, because thanks to the advanced technology and imagination of tattoo masters, if you have a tattoo drawn to a part of your body, you can remove it. Be it using makeup, cover-up, or laserless tattoo removal. It is doable.

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The psychological and spiritual bearings behind removing a tattoo

Most of the people who get a tattoo, end up hating it. Why? Well, it either has to do with their psychological growth or their spiritual growth. The journey to getting a tattoo is intrinsically linked with our psychological and

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"People get tattoos for many reasons: for attention, self-expression, artistic freedom, rebellion, a visual display of a personal narrative, reminders of spiritual/cultural traditions, sexual motivation, addiction, identification with a group"

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It has been recorded in research that almost 38% of Americans have had their bodies inked permanently. This process of self-expression which showcases the mode of inking bears significance in one's psyche and spirituality. According to research, this procedure of conveying inner desires that match with their inner persona brings them close to a place that is a sanctity. The tattoos bear the relevance of that psyche, of that spirituality.

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According to research, this procedure of conveying inner desires that match with their inner persona brings them close to a place that is a sanctity. The tattoos bear the relevance of that psyche, of that spirituality.

If we phrase it differently, the aspect of tattooing their body provides them with peace as it helps them connect with their inner selves. However, we all know how a person grows up to be different, given time, one goes through a lot that alters their viewpoint.

It is at this point when they start disliking their tattoos. If not these, then tattoos that were made under the influence of alcohol, or peer pressure, are mostly regretted.

“A survey has established that almost 75% of 600 recipients of tattoos feel remorse after getting them”

Then what does one do? Well, they tend to look for alternative ways to erase their mistakes.

The laserless tattoo removal guide:

The industry of tattoo has been increasing rapidly and all thanks to the millennials and the rock bands, that the climbing popularization of this self-artistic expression has found its footing in the hearts of many.

“It has been found that out of four people in America, one person is bound to get tattoos simultaneously.”

Nonetheless, the more one gets a tattoo spontaneously, the more the number of tattoo-regrets grows.  If you are one of those people who wishes the ‘self-expressed’ tattoos to be undone, then you are in the right place as we will provide you with two ways through which you get it removed.

  • Re-designing:

Covering your tattoo is the best way to remove the regrets. Trust us when we tell you that many customers have covered their regret forms of tattoos with another tattoo to create a whole new art piece.

“A study has found that almost 40% of the tattoo recipients decide to cover their tattoo, and generally, they are from the ages of 19 to 30.”

Covering up a tattoo is pretty easy and depending on what tattoo you have and the professional tattoo artist, the whole factor will matter. That is why we suggest that you book an appointment first to determine whether they can cover up the tattoo by amping up the design up to few notches.

  • Things to consider:

The first thing that you might need to consider while covering up your tattoo with another artistic piece is whether it is doable or not. Compared to the forms of tattoos, the more complex the design is, the harder it becomes to add another layout to it.

Compared to other artistic expressions of layouts, cursive writings are considered the best form of inking, and likely to be successfully covered up to be another embodiment of the tattoo. However, no matter the tattoos, here are certain things you need to consider before adding another self-graffiti on your canvas.

  1. Ensure that the professional tattoo artist is artistic enough to cover the tattoos.
  2. Ingenious ideas have to be accumulated before applying them. In other words, gather some designs that might go well with the already situated tattoo. The key to making the new tattoo rests solely on the compatibility of both tattoos. That is why you have to ensure that both the designs complement each other perfectly.
  3. Decide whether the added tattoos will have colors or not. Pigmentations are good but to make them more appealing you have to decide whether they look like a whole piece or not.
  4. Decide the size of the tattoo before getting it inked.

All the aspects of getting the tattoos inked treads on specific key features that will enhance the appearance of it. Deciding the size, color and aesthetic appeals are key to making this coverup a successful feat. This is one of the laserless tattoo removal USA modes through which you neither have to go through the pain of removing the tattoos using laser but make it more artistic.

  • Why not choose makeup?

One of the methods that are showcased by the laserless tattoo removal guide is makeup. By using concealer and foundation, one can opt to hide the tattoos for a shorter period. If one has to attend a meeting or has an interview, then opting for this particular option will surely help them out. Even attending a family function requires one to be tidy up because God knows what your mother would say. Using the makeup does not only require the least bit of time but ensures that you don’t receive any pain.

  • Things to consider:
  1. You have to select the right shade of concealer and the foundation so that the outlook looks au natural. Inaccurate makeup products will only deliver an unsatisfactory result.
  2. Another point that you have to keep in mind before getting yourself fixed using the makeup is to learn the blending method. The trick to making the makeup appear natural depends on your blending skill. The better you blend the better natural it will appear.
  • Natural tattoo removal:

One of the other methods that have been glorified in the laserless tattoo removal guide reviews is using natural elements to remove the tattoo. In the guide, one would find the stress on natural ingredients, such as cocoa, aloe vera, and more. Several effective masks can be whipped in a second using homemade ingredients. Let’s see some of the mask recipes provided by the guide.

  1. A scrub made out of Aloe, Vitamin E and Apricot will lighten the skin.
  2. A scrub made out of Aloe, Vitamin E, Turmeric, and Yogurt will lighten the pigmentation.
  3. The mixture of Aloe and Sanding Powder will create a smooth effect on your skin by lightening the dark hues.
  4. The mixture of Aloe, Vitamin E, and Paederia Tomentosa will increase the effectiveness of the whole step.
  5. Lime and honey mixture will also work as lime will work as the natural ingredient that bleaches skin while the honey will soothe the irritation and make it appear soft and smooth.
  • Things to remember:
  1. You have to keep in mind that the mixtures are well prepared.
  2. To meet effectiveness and the result that you desire, you should follow the care guide written in the laserless guide.
  • Use chemical peels:

No, here we don’t just mean to refer to the TCA. Depending on the spot you have a tattoo on, the method to remove it will vary. TCA cannot be applied everywhere.

TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid is tougher on the skin compared to glycolic acid. In the guide of the laserless method of removing the tattoo, the chemical peel has been considered one of the most effective ways to remove tats.

Though most professionals would prefer the TCA to eradicate the tats, because of their intensity. The glycolic acid, compared to the TCA is milder and is advised by many dermatologists for skin issues. By using it in the right amount, one would meet the result that they are looking for.

To meet the usefulness while maintaining the rawness of the ingredient, you can use the juices of the fruits to create your natural glycolic acid. Not only will it decrease the chances of reaction, but will surely lighten the skin.

  • Things to remember:
  1. Make sure that the acids are taken in the right amount. You cannot take it more than what is intended. It can result in skin issues.
  2. Make sure that while creating your glycolic acid from the fruit, it is removed from any unwanted (pulps) ingredients.

Develop a post-tattoo removal plan:

After seeing the outcome of the whole endeavor taken throughout the time, you have to maintain certain things to ensure that your skin is healthy. The chances of getting infected are high if you do not take care of the skin. You have to focus on certain aspects mentioned below to protect the integrity of the membranes.

  • For the first three days, you have to focus on any sign of Swelling, Bruising, and Redness. You need to follow the steps written in the guide to secure that area from getting worse.
  • After 2 weeks, you have to focus on spotting any signs of getting Scabs and Blisters. Make sure that you identify whether it is a crab or infection. After identifying the effect, and if it is crabs then apply sunscreen to avoid any further issues from arising.

What happens when you select Laser treatment for removing it at once:

If you prefer a more permanent result then using the laser procedure will help you. The laserless tattoo removal method follows the breaking down of the colors of the tattoo into small pigments so that the hues of the tattoos can be absorbed by the surrounding parts of your body.

However, the laser treatment uses multiple rays to get the colors to lose their hue. However, discarding the tattoos with a laserless method does not require mental and economical strength compared to the laser treatment. There are certain aspects that you have to consider before committing to the idea.

  • Things to consider:
  1. Before removing the tattoo, you must give it some time. When one gets inked, the area adjacent to the tattoo remains vulnerable. It takes a bit of time to heal. After getting the area healed properly, you need to think about vetting it removed.

The removal process is lengthy and requires strength. We suggest that you wait for at least three months after getting the tattoo before getting it eradicated from existence.

Once the place is healed properly the process of laser less treatment to erase the design will work effortlessly. Breaking the pigments takes time and endurance.

  1. Remember how painful it was to get the tattoo? The process to get removed using the laser hurts a bit more. However, this may be a subjective perspective of whether it is painful or not as the whole aspect of the endurance power depends on that person’s pain threshold.

If you are easily hurt, then we suggest that you opt for taking anesthesia. If not, then you can choose to opt it out altogether.

  1. Apart from waiting for three months to heal your tattoo wound, you will have to take some post-procedure probationary steps.

Those past three months, you will be required to administer simple wound care and perform a non-occlusive dressing to make sure that the place is not vulnerable anymore so that you can move up to the next step. The effect of the laser treatment can become apparent after one or two weeks.

How much time does one need to invest to get the tattoo removed?

The answer to this question is pretty subjective. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the number of sessions is added to the list. The time that is required to erase the tattoo from existence rests upon the number of sessions.


It can be said that the time and the sessions, along with the size of the tattoo are interlinked. The bigger the tattoo, the more time you would need, The more sessions you will have to endure. Compared to bigger tattoos, the smaller ones require fewer sessions.

How many sessions does one need to remove tattoos with lasers?

It has been reported by an expert that it takes around five to ten sessions to get rid of the tattoos altogether. However, we think that there are certain factors that decide the number of sessions that are required to get it erased.